About Us

Our Story

Word of Christ is a non-profit organization based in Kellys, Chennai, India. Word of Christ is full-fledged publisher, distributor, whole sales and retailer for Christian Resources in India. Our aim is to create awareness among the believers about the Christian Literature. India is a diverse country with varieties of languages and we strive hard to reach every community. We are dedicated to spread the word primarily through print media.This humongous task is being carried forth with the help of our dedicated team members all over India.We have 15 stores situated all over India, headquartered in Chennai.

One of the major activities of our ministry is to conduct Literature Exhibitions across India.we do this to encourage the Local Church Community to read and expose them to the availability of Scriptures.

The Beginning/ History

In the year 1983, Bro. D Rajendran, a leading agri-products trader of South India, was on a business trip to Coimbatore. He originally hailed from Periyakulam of Theni District in Tamil Nadu. As he was having an evening stroll, he noticed a large flex advertisement on a street, announcing that a renowned Bible teacher named Dr. DGS Dhinakaran would be speaking at a nearby ground. A certain inner voice urged him to attend.

As he entered the ground, powerful songs praising God fascinated him. Then Dr. DGS Dhinakaran opened the Bible and presented Jesus Christ as the Saviour of the world. He explained that each person individually should establish a personal relationship with Jesus Christ and thus become a child of God for eternal salvation, and for escaping hell fire. The Holy Spirit began to convince him of his sins and Bro. Rajendran confessed Christ Jesus as his Lord and Saviour. The rest is history.

Bro. Rajendran began to pour out his heart to the Lord asking for divine direction. The Bible became his perfect guide. He also had an automobile spare parts shop in his home town, Periyakulam. It was his normal practice to spend hours in prayer at a cottage that he had built in his coconut farm. One day, he had a strange but specific dream. In the dream he saw the spare parts stacked in his shop shelf rolling out of the shelf and instead, a number of Bibles neatly arranged in the same shelf. Taking a hint from it, Bro. Rajendran began to sell Bibles in a small way. He experienced the hand of the Lord in his new venture. The work began to grow.

Thus Bro. Rajendran launched a ministry, named, ‘Word Of Christ Ministries’ (WOCM) in 1986. The motto of the ministry is: Let the Word of Christ dwell in you richly in all wisdom (Colossians 3:16).


The vision of Word Of Christ Ministries (WOCM) is to present Christ Jesus as the Saviour of the world, inviting people to establish a personal relationship with Him, and have a passion for God and compassion for people.


To accomplish the vision, Word Of Christ Ministries is engaged in a variety of mission services to the community, using oral, written, print, electronic, visual, digital and social media.

Our Responsibility

WOCM organizes Gospel outreach public programmes, conferences, training seminars and motivating workshops for Bible communicators. Reaching the God-seeking people with love is the objective. At the Conference Centre in Periyakulam regular Bible teaching sessions, evangelical meetings and national conferences are held.

Produce study Bibles in vernacular languages and distribute at affordable price. We have developed Study Bibles, Bible Dictionaries, Bible Handbooks, Topical Bibles in Tamil and in the process of producing same contents in Telugu, Hindi and kannada.

Commission writers to write on various Biblical and social issues. Develop a national network of writers, editors and translators. Publish the same in several languages.

Conduct regular writers, editors and translators workshops to develop their skills and create a community of professional Biblical literature producers.

Distribute Bible and Biblical literature throughout India through wholesale and retail services. Establish national retail network of bookshops. Co-operate with other Bible literature publishers and make available their products also.

Organise Literature Expo and book Exhibitions in various regions of India. Request Churches to encourage their congregations to spend time on reading, meditating not only Bibles but also other quality Christian Literatures( Biographies, Spiritual Living, Character Study, Personal Growth and Family ).This is one of the major operations of our ministry where we plan to reach the whole country in a year though Literature Expo & Discount Sales.

Export Bible and Biblical literature to different countries. Also import the same and make available at affordable price. We are distribution agents for several Christian Book Publishers and Gift Producers overseas in India.

Encourage and support Biblical music, TV, film and video producers.

Make available Biblical books on electronic platforms and medium in the form of E-books which can be read on Kindle, Google Books and iBooks.

Use the vast potential of digital and online marketing. Also use social media to present Christ, Bible and Biblical books.

Extend the available expertise to edit and print manuscripts from other writers and agencies.

Word Of Christ Ministries is a non-profit organization, based in Kellys, Chennai, Tamil Nadu. It has a board of outstanding and committed professionals. It is managed by skilled professionals under various departments.


We publish books in English,Tamil,Hindi and other vernacular languages. As a publisher we take license from overseas publisher and make the title affordable for the readers. We stand apart from other publishers for our Titles which benefits believers from all denominations and also people from other walk of faiths. Since our inception we have published more than 500 titles in all local lnaguages. We encourage authors within the country to write and publish their titles.Before we publish we have set process to finalize the title. If you have any interest in publishing a book please write to us @ info@word ofchrist.org.


In 1996 June “Dhevanudaiya Vaarthai” Tamil Magazine was started so that the Biblical truth may be reached to all the churches of irrespective of their denomination. We had a discussion with Pastor.Don a senior Pastor who was then the Editor of Pilgrim Journal, an English Magazine. With his encouragement the Magazine ministry was started by the Grace of God and with his blessings of Pastor.Don and other Senior Pastors. We have about 4000 Subscribers and our Magazine are circulated not only in Tamilnadu and also they reach the Tamil readers mostly in all the states in India and in some parts of the world.