Sun to Son- Tamil

Mrs. Rebecca Thomas was born in a Kshatriya family who lived in West Godavari District, Andhra Pradesh.Her family followed strict Hindu traditions . Her father at the deathbed of cancer was miraculously healed by Lord Jesus.

The Imitation of Christ

“The Imitation of Christ” is one of the most widely read Christian spiritual books ever written. The book presents the idea that the study of Christ’s life and the emulation of his example is the highest pursuit that man can achieve.

First Names

Check out your name in this fascinating, fact-filled book. There are more than 300 names listed-and yours is probably one of them.


Do you desire to taste heaven on earth ?Do you have a desire to taste heaven in your heart,home,family,married life and society ?
Start forgiving others as Christ forgave.If you prayerfully and sincerely read this book,it will surely beenfit you greatly.If you learn to forgive as Christ forgave,neither man nor the devil can harm you.

Samuel Morris

The extraordinary story of the young African who came to be called “The Apostle of Simple Faith.”While most missionary biographies detail the lives of Western missionaries, this is the story of the African missionary that God called to the United States when slavery and segregation were a way of life.

How to do Gospel Work

The greatest need of the present day world which is at the
threshold of the return of the Lord Jesus Christ is the preaching of the gospel to the unsaved. Millions of gospel workers who can adequately present the gospel are needed to fulfil this task.

Adventures in God

As one of the powerful leading evangelists of the 20th Century, John G.Lake witnessed countless conventions,healing and deliverance’s as well as the establishment of hundreds of church and ministries worldwide as the result of his conservation to the call of God in his life.

At the Master’s Feet

When the truths set forth in this book were revealed to me by the Master they deeply affected my life, and some of them have been used by me in my sermons and addresses in Europe, America, Africa, Australia, and Asia.