5 Minute Bible Devotionals – 4 Volume Set


  • Book Series of easy-to-use picture devotional books that connects Bible themes and verses to teach Christian values to children ages 4 on up.
  • 15 devotionals for children based on a Bible Scripture
  • Each Spread presents a Bible Verse with a little explanation of the verse with a little explanation of the verse and how to practically apply the Christian value or moral lesson introduced.
  • Children are encouraged to explore the lesson with a complimentary action, discussion question or activity.
  • A wonderful Bible-based book sure to win the hearts of children and parents alike.
  • Topics Covered : Holy Spirit, Preach the Gospel, Healing and God’s Power in You, God/Jesus, Following Jesus, Obedience & Forgiveness,Prayer & God’s Word / Christian Living
  • 4 Set Combo- Value Price will be Rs 900