A Fight, A Flood, A Fall – Activity Book


Bible Based Activity Book for Young Learners

  • Item Weight : 100 g
  • Paperback : 32 pages
  • ISBN-10 :81-953099-4-1
  • ISBN-13 : 9788195309948
  • Product Dimensions : 21.5cm*28cm
  • Author: Melita Joel
  • Publisher : Word of Christ (November 2021)

The Creator and His Everlasting Covenant with Man

Man was created in God’s own image. Yet, he sinned against God and God was displeased, so angry that he wanted to banish mankind from the earth. If so, then what covenant did He make with man?

Discover the Creator’s Covenant

Crosswords, Spot It, Unscramble Words, Word Searches, Photo Hunts & Coloring are available in this fun yet informative activity book. Facts to Know & Bible Verses in each page for kids to read, understand the story and know the great and mighty God we serve.

The Bible can be a lot more fun with activity & play put together!


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