Celebrating Marriage


Isn’t It Time You Fully Embraced Our Marriage Relationship to Jesus?The fifth volume of the SIX PILLARS FROM EPHESIANS series is an examination of the marriage covenant of men and women and the church with Jesus. Here, T.D. Jakes explores this most intimate of relationships with the Lord, offering answers to key issues and struggles, including:Why sacrifice is an absolute requirement for “agape” love…and the practical ways you can express this kind of love to your spouse and to God.How submission can be a place of influence, especially when one spouse is walking out of fellowship with God.Why developing a healthy love for yourself (based on what God says about you in His Word) has tremendous impact on the marriage relationship.Whatever your earthly marital status, you are forever married to Jesus Christ. And through this study, you will be overwhelmed by the incredible expression of His love!

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